Personnel Management

It's like having your own dedicated virtual personnel manager.

Sending requests to other musicians

Picture this: your band got booked and it's time to line up the musicians. Your first instinct is to reach for your phone and send a text to each musician. Without fail, responses don't come in as you'd hope, so you have to call them to follow up, wasting valuable time.

With BookLive, once your group is booked, simply use the Virtual Personnel Manager to automatically send individual requests to each musician you want to play with. We'll automatically send emails and texts, and followup for you. Best of all, we'll do it for FREE.

Receiving requests from gig organizers

We've all been there: you receive an extremely long and complicated email from a gig organizer containing multiple dates, times, locations, etc. This overwhelming email contains so much information that you don't even know where to begin to start responding. Ultimately, you risk glossing over an important detail putting those gigs in jeopardy.

When your gig organizer sends you a request through BookLive, you receive all the relevant details for a single gig in one concise email. We'll make sure requests come in with everything you care about: date, time, location, payment, hospitality, etc. Simply click Accept or Decline to let the organizer know if you can make it.

Truly you can not find an easier platform to performing with. Whether that be the booking process itself, whether that’s planning setlist, organizing other players, paying other players. Everything is all done for you in one easy-to-use central location.

Hannah M Violinist


Organizing your calendar

Let's face it, it's tough to keep your gigging calendar organized. When requests come in from multiple places (email, text, Facebook Messenger), your gig information is scattered which leaves you scrambling last minute to figure out where to drive to.

BookLive keeps all your gigs organized in one single location. This means you'll be able to see all your gigs at a glance, and are able to access setlists, timelines, and even a chatroom specific to each gig. BookLive even syncs with Google Calendar to keep you organized on the go, and sends you reminders before each performance.