Performance Contracts

If you're not using a performance contract, you're putting yourself and others at risk. Be more professional and protected. Use our template or bring your own.
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Actually secure the date

Most musicians aren't lawyers, and thought of a contract is scary. BookLive provides you with a free performance contract that enables you to set your own terms and ensure that you get paid on time every time. Best of all, it's in the cloud and sign-able on the web, meaning you don't have to edit, print and scan a word document each time.

Some musicians play venues who might not be willing to sign a contract. We get that. You can still use all the powerful booking and planning tools without requiring a contract.

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Put on your best face

  • Our music-industry-approved performance contract will have you booking-ready in no time.
  • Have your own contract? Upload yours to use as a template for bookings.
  • Get contracts signed in a little as 5 minutes after you create it. We'll send it to your client, they'll sign it digitally, and they can pay their deposit immediately after.
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Booking and performing the way it should be.

Contracts, payments and logistics go hand in hand. Once your contract is signed, you can give your clients access to their online portal where they can make payments, adjust the timeline, and fill out planning forms.
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The Dream City Music Case Study


Weddings booked in 2nd year

Dream City Music was founded in June of 2016. By June of 2018, this String Quartet was booking more gigs than any one member could play in. They're using BookLive to manage 25 weddings a month.
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