Library Management

All of your music in one safe place.

Sending parts is easy.

So your band just got booked and it's time to send out music. But where do you start?  Mailing out parts can be time consuming and you face the risk of your music arriving late or being misplaced.  Should you wait around until you can meet with each musician in person? Not so fast!

BookLive's new Library feature makes it easy to send and receive music. Simply click on your group, add the set-list, and upload your music.  In just a few minutes, everyone can have access to their parts- saving you time to focus on what really matters.

Shoot! I forgot my music...

We've all been there- you show up to a rehearsal, or worse, a GIG and you realize your music is sitting on the stand at home.  There's nothing you can do other than hope that somebody else has a copy. Yikes.

With BookLive's Library feature, this never has to happen again. Since your parts are tucked safely away in your library, you'll have access to them from any place and any device.  Just login to your account, pull up a part, and you can print or read right from your device!  

Truly you can not find an easier platform to performing with. Whether that be the booking process itself, whether that’s planning setlist, organizing other players, paying other players. Everything is all done for you in one easy-to-use central location.

Hannah M Violinist


Managing your Library

Okay, you've just created a group and added members, but how do you start your set-list? Easy. In your groups page, click on 'Manage Library' then 'Add A Collection'.  Once your collection has a name, it's ready to go. You can click on your new collection to add songs and upload parts!

Need to edit? Check out the 'Actions' tab on your collections, songs, and parts to make changes!