How to Upload Your Group's Contract to BookLive


BookLive provides you with our free contract template, but you are welcome to upload your own contract tailored to your group's needs. You can even set some of the contract to automatically fill in with a performance's details so you're not re-typing information each performance.

  1. On the right-hand navigation, click on the "Groups" tab.
  2. Click on the name of the group you'd like to add your contract to.
  3. On your group's page, find the Contract Templates heading. Click the plus sign button to begin the process.
  4. Choose a name for your contract template (e.g. "Dream City Music Performance Contract")
  5. You'll be taken to a text editor where you can copy and paste your group's contract directly into BookLive.
  6. Make any adjustments to the formatting using the buttons on the top of the text editor.
  7. To take advantage of BookLive's ability to automatically fill in your performance's details, simply replace any of the variable information with one of the "tokens" in the list below.
  8. Once you are finished, click the Save button.

Your contract is now available to you when you create a performance and want to send a contract to your client.


The following tokens are available to you in your custom contract. For example, if you'd like your client's name to show up in your contract, simply put the [client_name] token in the place you'd like it to appear (e.g. "The following contract is between Dream City Music and [client_name].")/

  • [group_name] - Dream City Music
  • [contract_creation_date] - 2-13-2019
  • [performance_date] - 5-11-2019
  • [venue] - Carnegie Hall in New York, NY
  • [start_time] - 1 PM
  • [end_time] - 2 PM
  • [group_provided] - String Quartet
  • [additional_services] - Microphones and PA system
  • [payment_total] - $600.00
  • [payment_deposit] - $150.00
  • [payment_balance] - $450.00
  • [balance_due_date] - 5-4-2019
  • [break_requirement] - 15 minute break every 45 minutes of playing
  • [client_name] - Jane Smith
  • [client_street] - 123 Fake Street
  • [client_city] - Dayton
  • [client_state] - OH
  • [client_zip] - 12345
  • [client_phone] - 555-555-5555
  • [client_email] -
  • [client_company] - Fake Company, Inc.