How to Set Up a Performance

By setting up a performance through BookLive, all of your gig details will be now found in one central and organized location. BookLive walks you through all those pesky items that may not be exactly on your mind, but makes sure your performers are as clear as you are on what to expect at the performance.


  1. Register for a BookLive account if you haven’t already

  2. On the home screen, click the “Add a Performance” button which can be found under your gig calendar

  3. A 4-step wizard will walk you through entering in the performance details

    1. “Basic Info”

      1. Complete all text boxes including group name (see How to Create a New Group and How to Join an Existing Group if you haven’t already)

      2. If you are the organizer of the performance, click “I am the Organizer.” Otherwise, click “I am a Performer” if you are simply adding a performance that has already been contracted by someone else.

    2. “Performance Details”

      1. Enter the TOTAL dollar amount that the client will be paying (including travel, additional fees), and check all boxes with additional amenities that you would like to have included in your contract. NOTE: This will not be visible to other members of the group.

      2. Enter the type of group that is going to be provided (e.g. String Quartet, Jazz Duo, etc.)

      3. Enter additional services (e.g. amplification, MC, photo booth)

    3. “Client Info”

      1. Enter all information that you have for your client. This will help serve as your address book so that you’ll never have to dig for a clients contact when you need it most. Also, you can handle all correspondence through the BookLive platform including sending contracts (coming soon!).

  4. Next, click “I Am Performing” if you are performing the event yourself, or click “I Am Not Performing (or Not Sure)” if you are only contracting the event for other performers.

  5. If you clicked “I Am Performing,” select which instrument you’ll be performing on (if you are doubling, for now just select the primary instruemnt) and add additional details such as payment, etc.

  6. Once you click done, you’ll be taken to the Peformance Overview page.


After you’ve set up a performance, you’ll be able to create and send a client contract, add additional musicians, and set up the performance’s timeline and setlist.