How to Organize a Group’s Library

When you’re planning the setlist for a performance, it’s helpful to keep your group’s library up-to-date with your current songs. BookLive makes it easy to organize your library by breaking it down into Collections. Collections represent a collection of music such as a book (e.g. Easy Pop Wedding String Quartets), a category (e.g. Cocktail Hour Jazz Standards), or a catch-all folder (e.g. PDFs). Once you’ve set up a Collection, you can add individual songs to the Collection, then set the page numbers (for books) or upload PDFs of the parts.


  1. Register for a BookLive account if you haven’t already

  2. Create a new group if you haven’t already

  3. Navigate to the group’s page by opening the main menu, opening the Groups tab, then clicking the group’s name.

  4. Click the “Manage Library” button to be taken to the group’s Collections

  5. Click “Add a Collection” and type the collection’s name. Click save.

  6. In the collection, click “Add a Song” and type the song’s title and artist/composer/arranger.

  7. Within the song, click “Add a Part.”

  8. Choose which part you are adding (e.g. 1st Violin, etc), click the checkbox to indicate that the part is a PDF, upload the file and click save. If the part is not a PDF, type in the page number of the part. If the part does not have a page number, leave the page number as 0.

  9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for each part.


Once you’ve added songs and parts to your group’s library and set up a performance, you can then add these songs to a playlist. If you add additional players to the performance, they are able to see the playlist and view page numbers or download PDFs for each song.