How to Get Paid for a Performance

Getting paid for performances is typically unpredictable. There might not be consistency in payment method (check, cash, Venmo, etc.), or in timeliness.


BookLive Pay aims to solve this by enabling musicians to get direct deposit payments for their performances, and keep their payments as organized as possible.


If you are performing in a performance organized by someone else, you can ask them to pay with BookLive Pay. If they pay with BookLive Pay, they are able to set up automatic payments at the downbeat, or they are able to pay before or after the performance as well. You can also click a “Request Payment” button in order to expedite the payment process.


  1. Sign up for BookLive

  2. Enable BookLive Pay

  3. Encourage your bandleader to pay using BookLive Pay

  4. When the bandleader pays with BookLive Pay, your performance payment gets directly deposited to your bank account, and you receive an email notification about the payment.

  5. You are able to view a detailed report of all your performance payments.