How to Create Products for Your Groups


Creating products for your groups lets you pre-determine the pricing and costs for how clients can book you. An example of a product is "String Quartet for Wedding Ceremony (Up to 90 minutes)." You can create as many products for your groups as you'd like, and you are able to update your pricing whenever you need to. 
  1. In the right-hand navigation panel, click "Groups"
  2. Click on the group that you'd like to add products to.
  3. Once the group page loads, click the "Products" button.
  4. Click the plus-sign on the top-right corner of the table to add your first product.
    1. Create a name for the product (e.g. "String Quartet for Wedding Ceremony (Up to 90 minutes)")
    2. Type in the price charged to the client (e.g. 600.00)
    3. Type in the cost to your group (e.g. 500.00)
    4. Type in the number of musicians in this product (e.g. 4)
  5. Repeat this process for each product you'd like to sell.

Once you've added your products, you are now able to add them to Proposals and Performances to automatically calculate pricing.