How to Create or Update your Artist Profile

One of the features of BookLive is the ability to create your own profile to be viewed by other musicians. Each musician has their own accomplishments of note and it’s nice to display those to people who might want to hire you! See Jared's profile for an example of a completed profile.

  1. Register for BookLive if you haven’t already done so.

  2. Click the menu on the left hand side and select profile

  3. Add all resume and professional information that you would like others to see including:

    1. Instruments you perform on
    2. Genres you're comfortable playing
    3. Your performing experience
    4. Your academics
    5. Your awards
    6. Your teachers
Be sure to also add you website! We’ll even make you a website that integrates with the BookLive platform if you’d like! Simply email for more info.