How to Create and Send a Proposal


When working with potential clients, it is helpful to be able to send them a proposal document that shows them your packages and pricing. BookLive makes it easy to put together Proposals and send them. Note: before creating a Proposal you will need to add products to your group.

  1. Find or create a client
  2. In the Proposals section, click the plus sign.
  3. Give your proposal a name (e.g. "John Smith's Wedding")
    1. Choose which of your groups this proposal is for, then click "Add." You will be taken to the Proposal's page.
    2. If you'd like to automatically calculate travel costs, click the "Set Venue" button to add the venue's City and State.
  4. Now it's time to create one or several Packages for this proposal. Click the plus sign button to create your first package.
  5. Give your package a name (e.g. "String Quartet Package" or "Premium Package") and click Add. You will be taken to the Package's page.
  6. Click the plus sign to select which of your group's product(s) to add to the package. BookLive will pull in the pricing from your group.
  7. If you'd like to add a travel fee, click the Calculate Travel button and BookLive will calculate the round-trip mileage, multiply it by the number of musicians performing, and multiply it by your group's mileage rate.
  8. Click the Return to Proposal button. You can now create more packages or send the proposal to your client.
  9. If you are ready to send your proposal, click the Send Proposal button. BookLive will email the client and CC you.
  10. Your client can then view your proposal and accept one of the packages. You will get an email notification for which package the client has accepted.
Once the client has accepted, you can now create a performance and send a contract.