How to Create and Send a Contract to a Client

The BookLive platform allows users to create, manage and send contracts to all of your clients. Never been stuck manually creating a contract again! Using our contract creating software mean you’ll effortlessly be able to send professional contracts that convince more clients to sign sooner, and most importantly protect you from any sticky legal issues down the road.


  1. Create a performance (see “How to Set Up a Performance”)

  2. Click Create Contract under the Client Contract section

  3. Click Add Suggested Clauses

    1. Each item can be edited - we give you some ideas on how to create an effective contract, but feel free to alter any part of any clause, for example changing the temperature range that your group is willing to perform.

  4. Click Add custom Clause to add your own specific clauses in a similar fashion as our suggested clauses.

  5. Click the pencil icon next to Compensation to adjust the payment amount, required deposit, any additional payment and hospitality.

  6. In the Compensation dialog, toggle your acceptable payment methods (Credit Card, Cash, Check).

    1. If you select Credit Card, BookLive will provide a way for your clients to pay both the deposit and the final balance using their credit card. This money then can be used to automatically pay your musicians at or after the performance.

  7. Click the pencil icon next to Logistics to adjust break requirements and additional services.

  8. Review your contract by clicking View Contract

  9. Sign your contract by typing your name and clicking “Add Signature”

  10. If you would like to send a formal version of this contract to your client, copy and paste the link in your browser’s address bar and send it in an email to your client

  11. If you would like to send a less formal version, close out of the contract and click View Invoice. You can copy and paste this link in your browser’s address bar to send a less formal invoice to your client.

  12. When the client signs your contract, you’ll get an email and an in-app notification.


Once you and your client have signed the contract, you have officially been booked for the Performance! At this time, your client can pay the deposit and balance, you can add other musicians to the performance, and you can create the event’s timeline and setlist.