How to Create a Performance’s Setlist

Once you’ve set up a Performance, it’s important to not only keep track of the setlist, but also communicate that list to the other musicians performing with you. BookLive makes it easy to create and save your setlist, and if you add other musicians to your performance, BookLive automatically shares the setlist with them. If you make updates, your changes are automatically pushed out to the rest of the group!


  1. Sign up for BookLive

  2. Set up a Performance

  3. Create the Performance’s Timeline

  4. Click the Plus Sign (+) next to each Timeline item. This will prompt you to select songs from your group’s library, or add new songs to the group’s library in a Default Collection.

  5. Drag songs up or down to re-order them in the setlist.


Once you’ve added songs and added other musicians to the performance, the setlist (and any changes) as well as any downloadable PDFs are instantly pushed out to the other musicians - no email necessary!