How to Create a New Group

As a musician, it is common to perform with the same group of people frequently, or even exclusively. BookLive allows users to create a group which minimizes the time you spend contracting other musicians when organizing your group's performances.


  1. Navigate to the main navigation menu and click “Groups”

  2. Click “Create Group”

  3. Complete the basic information section for the group

  4. Add personnel

    1. Click “Create” under Personnel lists

    2. Create a group called either “Regulars” or “Substitutes”

    3. Click the list you just created

    4. Add instrument

      1. Click “Add Instrument”

      2. Choose instrument from drop down

      3. Click “Add”

    5. Add musicians to the instrument list

      1. Click the instrument name

      2. Click Add Musician

      3. Search musician by name

      4. Click “add”  next to the musicians name

    6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 as necessary


After creating your new group, you can organize its library, create performances, and manage personnel and payroll for the group’s performances.