How to Add Other Musicians to a Performance

Once you have squared away the contract with your client, it’s time for the next step of organizing the performance: contracting other musicians. The BookLive platform allows musicians to send consistent and accurate performance details to their circle of performers which keeps everyone informed and on the same page.


  1. Create a performance (see How to Set Up a Performance)

  2. Click “Add Musicians” under the heading “Personnel”

  3. Enter the following information

    1. The pay for that specific person

    2. Additional pay (i.e. tips)

    3. Hospitality info- (i.e. free hotel, bottled water etc.)

  4. Click either

    1. “I have someone in mind” to add a musician now

      1. Select musician if you are already connected with them on BookLive

      2. Click “send them a request”

      3. BookLive will send them an email requesting them for the performance and will notify you if the musician either accepts or declines.

    2. “I do not have someone in mind” to add a musician later

      1. Select musician from drop down when you’re ready to ask your musician”

      2. If the musician you’d like to ask is not in your connections, you can click “Add a Contact” to send them a request and invite them to connect with you on BookLive


Once your personnel is set for the performance, you can automatically communicate the timeline and playlist, and you are also able to instantly pay them with BookLive Pay.