How to Add a Client to BookLive


Adding clients to BookLive enables you to keep track of potential, current and past customers. Within BookLive, you can send and receive emails from clients, send them proposals, and send them contracts and invoices. Currently there are two ways to add clients to BookLive.

Manual Entry 

  1. In the right-hand navigation panel, click "Clients"
  2. Click the plus-sign on the top-right corner of the table to add your first client.
    1. Type the client's name (e.g. "John Smith")
    2. Type the client's email address
    3. Fill in all additional known information about the client.
    4. Click Save

Add a Lead Capture Form to your Website 

  1. This feature is currently in beta. If you'd like early access, send us a message in our live chat!

Once you've added a client, you are now able to send them Proposals.