How to Accept Performance Requests

BookLive makes performing in other musicians’ gigs extremely easy. BookLive makes sure you receive perfectly crafted inquiries for your time and talent and allows you to respond in a convenient and secure manner through the platform.


  1. Receive a Performance Request email complete with thorough and accurate details.

  2. Open Email

  3. Click the “View Request” button to open the Performance Request page

  4. Click either “Accept” or “Decline”

  5. Optionally type message back to your organizer.

  6. Click “Send Response”

  7. Confirm that you clicked the correct response by clicking “OK”.

  8. That’s it! Your response is automatically communicated to the organizer.


Once you’ve accepted a performance, you instantly get access to the list of musicians performing with you, a chatroom exclusively for the performance (to coordinate rides, etc), the performance’s timeline, and the performance’s setlist (complete with page numbers or PDF downloads).