How to Accept Credit Cards for Performances

The option to accept credit cards is one of the most unique aspects of the BookLive platform. Everyone has a credit card these days, which allows for convenient and safe payments from freelancers who might not normally be able to accept credit card payment.


  1. While creating a client contract (see How to Create and Send a Contract to a Client) Click the pencil icon next to “compensation”

  2. Check all methods of payment you would like to accept

    1. Credit Card - completely free to you and allows you and your fellow musicians to get paid within 24 hours- guaranteed by BookLive Pay! (See How to Pay Other Musicians for a Performance)

    2. Check or cash (not guaranteed by BookLive Pay, and up to the individual performer to collect payment the old fashion way).


Once you send the contract to your client and they sign, they will be immediately prompted to pay either the deposit or the balance with their credit card. This money can then be used to instantly pay the other musicians in your group.