Group Management

A great group manages people well. We'll help you do that in half the time.
Group management

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Being a bandleader or contractor can be overwhelming. Managing your group can feel stressful and frustrating, especially when people don't respond. Keeping track of what people are available when can be a full-time job!

BookLive provides you support and peace of mind. We take care of your group management so you always feel on top of your game.

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Managing people is our specialty.

  • Group communication tools built by an orchestra conductor, but made for the gigging musician.
  • We'll help you keep track of who's available and who still hasn't responded.
  • No response? No problem. We'll send your reminders automatically so you can focus on getting more gig.
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All-in-one gig management platform

With Group Management, Group Dashboards, Performance Invoices and more, you'll feel confident that your gigs will go spectacularly.
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The Dream City Music Case Study

2 hours

Decrease in planning time.

For each gig Dream City Music used BookLive, they saved an average of 2 hours of planning time.
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