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Get more bookings for your group. Most people rely completely on an online presence to make booking decisions. You'll stand out above the rest with a BookLive EPK.
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Get booked

Let's face it, creating a website for your group is a hassle. Unless you're a web designer, you don't want to learn how to create a website from scratch. However, if your group doesn't have a strong web presence, the likelihood of getting booked is slim-to-none.

BookLive walks you through creating a beautiful Group EPK that is optimized for getting booked. Your group will be taken more seriously and gain the much-needed exposure to take you to the next level.

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Automatically up-to-date

  • Each time your group adds a booking to BookLive, your EPK is automatically updated with the new performance.
  • Your group's performance history is at the center of the EPK. Venues and clients who ask "where have you played?" now have an answer.
  • A built-in booking form enables people to directly request your group through BookLive.
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Booking and performing the way it should be.

Having a Group Profile on BookLive enables groups to get more leads and streamline the process of booking and performing.
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The Dream City Music Case Study


Weddings booked in 2nd year

Dream City Music was founded in June of 2016. By June of 2018, this String Quartet was booking more gigs than any one member could play in. They're using BookLive to manage 25 weddings a month.
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