Group Dashboards

For many bandleaders and wedding contractors, wondering if all the details of a gig have been taken care of is worrisome. Group dashboards give you peace of mind.
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What’s a Group Dashboard?

When you add all your group's performances to BookLive, you'll instantly see all your performances at a glance. You'll see if your group's contract has been signed, if all the payments have been made, if the timeline and setlist are taken care of, and if you have all the musicians you need secured. You can rest easy knowing that your performances will go smoothly!
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Wedding contractors love it. You should too.

  • Contract and payment status give you a clear indication if the gig has been booked.
  • Timeline and playlist statuses let you know if you need to work on the gig's logistics and music selection.
  • Musician status lets you know how many musicians you've secured, and how many you still need to contract.
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Industry leading solutions for music contracting

Combining Group Dashboards with BookLive Pay and Personnel Management means never having to worry about organizing a gig the old-fashioned way.
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The Dream City Music Case Study


Weddings booked in 2nd year

Dream City Music was founded in June of 2016. By June of 2018, this String Quartet was booking more gigs than any one member could play in. They're using Group Dashboards to coordinate as many as 25 weddings in a month.
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