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A musical performance takes a lot of planning. Giving your clients a portal allows them to pay balances and plan their setlists on their own time.
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Skip the emails and phone calls

Planning a performance from start to finish is a lot of work. You might talk to the client in person or over the phone. You might have a long chain of emails with their song preferences.

Cut down your planning time with your clients by offering them a BookLive client portal. They'll be able to plan out their timeline and choose songs from your BookLive library without needing to call or email you. Best of all, BookLive automatically shares the finalized details with each musician in the gig – no more emailing setlists and PDFs.

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Spend less time planning and more time getting gigs

  • Your customers can view their client portal at any time of the day or night.
  • All planning info is stored in the cloud and in one location.
  • Client portals are connected to your group's library and personnel so you're not repeatedly emailing setlists and charts.
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Booking and performing the way it should be.

Empowering your clients to plan their own performances allows you to spend your time booking and playing.
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The Dream City Music Case Study


Weddings booked in 2nd year

Dream City Music was founded in June of 2016. By June of 2018, this String Quartet was booking more gigs than any one member could play in. They're using BookLive to manage 25 weddings a month.
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