BookLive Pay

The easiest way to get paid for your gigs.

Getting paid by your bandleader/organizer

Most musicians have experienced frustrations with getting paid by organizers: "I don't have the money right now," "I'll pay you when the check clears," "I didn't have time to get cash."

With BookLive Pay, getting paid for gigs is just like using Venmo, except it happens automatically at the downbeat. No more waiting for organizers to handle money, no more getting stiffed for performances. BookLive only takes a $2 + 1% transaction fee.

Taking payments from clients

One of the most frustrating parts of being a bandleader is chasing clients down for money. With BookLive Pay, you can take credit card payments from clients and automatically charge final balances. For all gigs that use BookLive Pay, we'll even guarantee that you get paid if your client stiffs you!

BookLive adds a 2.9% + 30¢ credit card processing fee for credit card transactions.

Truly you can not find an easier platform to performing with. Whether that be the booking process itself, whether that’s planning setlist, organizing other players, paying other players. Everything is all done for you in one easy-to-use central location.

Hannah M Violinist


Paying your group members

Being a group leader means organizing and tracking payments for potentially hundreds of musicians. Instead of writing checks and tracking how much you paid each musician in a given year, BookLive Pay automatically direct deposits your musicians their correct amount from client payments. Better yet, BookLive Pay keeps track of how much you've paid each musician for a given year so you can stay on top of tax season.