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BookLive 101 - Unit 1, Module 1
Unit 1 - Module 1 - The BookLive Story

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Hi. My name is Jared founder of BookLive and welcome to BookLive 101.

We're going to show you why you should use BookLive to automate all of your musical planning tasks, and how you go about doing it yourself. But first, let me tell you why I started BookLive.

When I was in grad school, studying Orchestra Conducting. I was running short on cash, so I decided to start a "Wedding String Quartet" so I could earn a little bit of money here and there.

Once I started doing this and working with real clients, I discovered that it was a big problem and took lots of time.
Working with clients who are not musicians, meant I was reinventing the wheel all the time trying to put together contracts, figuring how to take payments, and building setlist. So I decided to automate those tasks.

I built out a contract feature so I can get contracts signed in five minutes, I built a way for me to take credit card payments, and a way for me to build setlists. And once I did that, I was spending less time on the logistics of booking, and more time in the practice room and getting my grades get back up.

But then I discovered that I was able to book more gigs, which lead to other problems of getting musicians to play with me for those gigs in my String Quartet. I found that I was chasing down musicians all the time sending text messages and Facebook messenger messages, and that was taking up a lot more of my time. So, I decided to automate that too.

I built a system that would automatically fill the next gig for me, and once I did that, it saved me a lot more time.
And it actually allowed me to book $100,000.00 worth of gigs in my second year of running my String Quartet.

So now I'm really excited to share this with you and show you how could you do it yourself, and save time and earn more money.

In our next video, I'm gonna show you how to set-up your group on BookLive, so you could start to automate some of these tasks for yourself and save you more time.

Next: Setting Up Your Group


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