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BookLive 101 - Unit 4, Module 1



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This is our final unit for BookLive 101, "Seizing the Day".

It's all about using BookLive to streamline the planning of all the performances details so that all you and your musicians need to do is show up to the gig, play, and get paid.

It's gonna save you hours of time leading up to the gig and it's gonna prevent you from having to email each of your members a full set list and timeline for the day.

The first step to this is putting together the performances timeline in your performance's dashboard, let's take a look how.

So let's go ahead and set up the timeline for Jason's Wedding. We're gonna click into Jason's Wedding for his performance dashboard, we're gonna scroll down to the timeline section, click on it to expand it. And you'll notice there are no timeline events yet.

You might have 1 already set up. But, you can add your first event by clicking the 'three dots' and clicking the 'Add Event'. It's a wedding, so let's say we're gonna play some prelude music starting right at noon.
Choose noon, it's gonna be about a 20-minute prelude. And here's where you can say that preludes typically need about 7 songs of music. And this will help your client know how many songs to choose when they are planning in their client portal which I'll show you in a later video.

Go ahead and click 'Save', and that adds this event to your timeline.
But I want to show you a shortcut that's gonna save you a lot of time setting up timeline if you do a lot of weddings.

Let's get rid of this timeline event. And let's go ahead and add a timeline template. Click the 'three dots', click 'Add Template', and this is gonna set up the entire wedding for you base on the standard wedding formats.
You can choose either a 'Secular Wedding Ceremony' or 'Secular Wedding Ceremony with Cocktail Hour'.

We're gonna stick with the 'Ceremony' and create a timeline. Once we do that, BookLive takes the start time for your performance and calculates a rough timeline for you with all the standard components of a wedding ceremony.
The songs are already dictated as to how many they need, so your client is always up-to-date on how many songs they have to plan.

Once you like how the timeline looks, which you can always edit by clicking the pencil icon. You're gonna wanna finalize and lockdown the timeline to prevent anyone from making any changes.
To lock it down, click the 'three dots' and click 'Finalize Timeline'. With this is gonna do is its gonna prevent all of the timeline events from being edited and your client can't make any more changes.

Now that you've set up your performances timeline, all of the musicians who've you assigned to this performance have the most up-to-date information about when to show-up and start playing.
Your musicians and your clients will automatically be on the same page and you'll be set up for easier collaboration with your clients in the future video.

Next, I'm gonna show you how to add songs into each of your timeline's events so that you can start to set-up your setlist and collaborate with your musicians and clients.

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