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BookLive 101 - Unit 3, Module 1



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Welcome to Unit 3! Thriving with colleagues.

The last unit was all about working with your clients externally. This next unit, is all about working with your group's musicians.
Without BookLive, most musicians uses a series of phone calls, text messages, multiple spreadsheets,multiple emails, or Facebook messages just to coordinate a gig.
On average, this adds up to over 4 hours per gig.

I'm gonna show you how you can reduce that down to just a matter of minutes, and we're gonna start by adding members to your group's dashboard.

So in order to set-up members for my group.
First, I'm gonna go to my group's dashboard.
I'm gonna use the shortcut on the homepage to get to 'Dream City Music'.

It's gonna load the group dashboard, which you'll notice since I booked Jason Mraz it updates the amount of money I booked this month.

And next, I'm gonna find my 'Member Lists'.
This section contains different lists of people that are related to my group.

I'm gonna set up 2 lists, my regulars and my substitutes. So that in case I ever need to access substitutes, say one of my members is sick, I can just tap right in that list.

So let's create our first member list. We'll call it 'Regulars', click 'Add' and it brings you into the 'Regulars' list.
Within the 'Regulars' list, you're gonna wanna set up different instruments that are in your group.

So let's click the plus sign, I'm a String Quartet, so I'm gonna choose 'Violin'.
I'm gonna also add 'Viola', and 'Cello'.

Once I'm in my 'Regulars', I'm gonna go into the 'Violin' list. And I'm gonna add myself.
You'll notice when you click the plus sign, a box pop-ups where you can search in BookLive's directory of musicians who have already signed up.

So, I'm gonna find myself -- I'm gonna add myself as a Violinist.

And then I'm gonna add my Violist, which is 'Michael Smith', is not in BookLive.
You can see because no results show up. So I'm gonna 'Add a Contact'. Here it's gonna ask you all of Michael's information. 'Michael Smith', type his email, type his phone number, and type his City and State. And it already selected 'Violin' 'cause it knows we're in the 'Violin' list.
Go ahead and click 'Add', and BookLive is going to send 'Michael' an invitation to join you on BookLive. So that you can collaborate on setlists and timelines for upcoming performances.

Let's go back to the 'Regulars' List and set up our 'Viola'.
Let's see if 'Jane Smith' is in BookLive, she is not so we're going to add her.
She's also in Milwaukee. Click 'Save', she gets an email inviting her to join you on BookLive.

And then lastly we need a 'Cellist'. We're gonna add 'Mary Smith'. And 'Mary Smith' is not in our system so we'll add 'Mary' in.
And she's also in Milwaukee.

Once I've set up my members in my group, all the sudden BookLive is gonna pull this information in and it's gonna make it so easy to plan out our performances.

We would repeat this, and add our 'Substitute' list by click the plus sign in the 'Member's List'. Adding of the instruments, and then adding our contacts within those instruments.

So now you've added members to your group's dashboard, their information is stored and it's gonna be automatically pulled into your performance dashboards.
Now, BookLive can automatically manage and communicate information about your group's schedule to all of your members for you. Eliminating you the headache and saving you time of doing this yourself.

In the next section, I'm gonna show you how you can assign members and substitutes if needed to each of your performances through BookLive.

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