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BookLive 101 - Unit 2, Module 1



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Alright, we're now on Unit 2 which is winning with your clients using BookLive.

It's all about stream lining the process of working with your clients so you could spend less time on the boring administrative tasks and free you up to build better client relationships.

I've already shown you how to add contract to BookLive. Adding a client to BookLive is gonna make it so much easier to send that contract to your client, and get paid in the timely manner.
It's gonna make the communication process so much simpler, and I'm gonna show you how.

So the first thing we're gonna wanna do is on the right hand side, click on the "Client's" tab.
This is gonna be the central hub for where all of your Rolodex of client's lives.
You'll notice it's an empty list right now. We're gonna add our first client by clicking this pink plus button sign.

A box is gonna pop-up, and we're gonna type in all of our client information. We've gotten all of this information by talking to the client, maybe we emailed them or called them.

But now we need to store all in one central location. The nice thing is once we add this in, it's gonna populate the rest of BookLive for this client and it's gonna make it easier to streamline everything from contracting to setlist building with this client.

So we're gonna add in 'Jason Mraz', put in a nice fake email for 'Jason', and then let's put in his phone number. If 'Jason' was affiliated with a company, we could put that here to keep track of all the contacts from 1 company.

We also could click this tab to add in Jason's address, say you wanna send him a thank you note after his wedding.

And we could also put the "Lead Source" where Jason came from. For example, Jason found us via "WeddingWire".
The nice thing is, once we add these leads sources in. BookLive is gonna help us keep track of which lead sources are bringing us the most gigs and which ones, maybe we're wasting our money on. So we can double down on what's working and cut-out what's not.
Click the 'Save' button.

And BookLive takes you to Jason's client dashboard. From here it integrates with everything else in BookLive, so we could communicate with Jason. We could create a proposal and email it to him. We could create a performance and everything else is streamline from his client page.

So I just showed you how to add a client to BookLive. Now, BookLive can automatically remind them to complete any outstanding planning tasks that they may have missed.
Such as, planning their timeline, or building out their setlist. It's gonna free you up from the burden of hand-holding your clients throughout the booking and planning process.

Next up, I'm gonna show you how to create a proposal for your services through BookLive. Freeing you up from typing those tedious emails to each and every client.

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