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Will Rose

Will Rose is a Milwaukee, WI based drummer, producer, and singer songwriter, with a background in writing. In 2013 he graduated UW Madison with a double major English Creative Writing, and Spanish Language degree. Since then, he has employed his language chops in various freelance capacities, as a blogger, copywriter, and artist, and worked diligently creating and performing music with various acclaimed original projects, including his own solo material, his work with singer Abby Jeanne, and others. He enjoys smoothies, fitness, and espresso.

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How to build a musician website pt. 1

Mar 11, 2019 4:26:56 PM / by Will Rose posted in Live Music, Booking, Get More Gigs, Websites, Music Marketing


In this day and age, one can easily invest thousands into building the perfect website.

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How to Book More Gigs

Mar 1, 2019 1:42:01 PM / by Will Rose posted in Insider, Freelance Music, Live Music, Booking, Get More Gigs


Tired of waiting for the next gig to find you? Sometimes you have to go and track it down yourself. That can be challenging, we get it, but here are a few ways to improve your approach in tackling the task of getting your next gig:

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