Made for Musicians. By Musicians.

Designed to make your gigging life easier.

Lightning Fast Gig Requests

Get signed up, setup, and send your first gig requests in under 5 minutes. Wow, that's fast!

We'll send your reminders. We know sending those "hey, can you play Friday night" texts can be tedious. We'll do it for you. BookLive automatically sends an email (and text if you like) to your group to make sure your personnel is all set.


Contracts Done For You

Create and get contracts signed on the fly. Save your contracts as templates and send contracts even faster. We'll record signatures and IP addresses for your records.

BookLive comes preloaded with example contracts to get you your next gig faster.Performance Contract

My experience with BookLive so far has been awesome. It’s truly the easiest platform for playing gigs.

George T Cellist, Chicago


Performance Payment Guarantee

BookLive lets you accept credit cards and pay yourself and your other musicians with direct deposit.

Gigbooks and Library

Every group needs a solid library. BookLive helps you keep track of all your original tunes, standards and Gigbooks. Simply upload your PDFs or add a book's table of contents to build and share setlists for your performances.
They have created an app to help book gigs the most efficient way possible! I highly recommend BookLive.

Josh A Guitar, Rochester